Carl Tricoli

Managing Partner, Denham Capital

Christopher Mancini

Analyst – Metals & Mining, GAMCO Investors Gabelli Funds

Dan Oliver

Founder & Managing Partner, Myrmikan Capital

David Kaplan

Partner, Lascaux Resource Capital

Edwin Bennett

Commodities Analyst – Metals & Mining, Engine No. 1

Erez Ichilov

Managing Director, Traxys

Frank Nikolic

Head of Base Metals Supply, CRU

James Steel

Analyst, Precious Metals, HSBC

Jose Martinez

Executive Vice President, Investments, Rimac

Keith Spence

Chief Executive Officer, Global Mining Capital

Kevin Smith

Founder & CIO, Crescat Capital

Kimberly Ann

Founder, CEO, President & Director, Lahontan Gold

Kimberly Berman

Energy Transition Technology and Metals Specialist, SFA Oxford

Luke Oliver

Managing Director, Head of Climate Investments & Head of Strategy, KraneShares

Mark Rice

Senior Vice President, Auramet

Michael Bradshaw

Senior Portfolio Manager, Allspring Global Investments

Robert Mantse

Chairman, M2 Capital Partners

Suki Cooper

Precious Metals Analyst, Standard Chartered

Tara Berrie

Senior Group Manager (Battery Metals, Recycling, Components), Rivian

Tim Mister

Head of Credit & Royalties, Appian Capital Advisory

Veronica Zhang

Deputy Portfolio Manager, Environmental Sustainability, VanEck